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Dreaming About A New Kitchen or Bathroom, or even both

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

1. GET EXCITED This is your time to reinvent, renew and invigorate.

2. WHAT'S YOUR STYLE Are you living with an outdated 1970's pink bathroom (READ MORE) or an outdated and not functional kitchen ? My first piece of advise is to pour over great content pages like Pintrest, Houzz and (yup, snuck that in !!)

Print the pages that you like - in color please and circle the items you like. Maybe its a Fabulous light fixture or mixed color cabinets. New trendy appliances is the most gorgeous finishes or even a stunning counter top. Take all your clippings and build your design book. This is your Remodeling Bible. This is what you are going to show to a member of the Houston Design Studio - design team during your initial consultation.

3. WHY IS THE REMODELING BIBLE SO IMPORTANT. Very simply it shows us what you like and your design preferences. Are you going for a more modern simplistic vibe ? Or something along the lines of country chic, or maybe you love mid century modern. Or my favorite "this is my house" and this is what I like. There are no design police, you can make your home what you like. Do you want to mix a farmhouse sink with grey shaker cabinets - GO FOR IT !!! However, we will guide you on the current and future trends especially if you are planning on selling in a few years or house flipping. Remember, you don't want to finish your remodel and have it look like everyone else or even worse - "it's been overdone".

4. DESIGN SOLUTIONS. This is where our teams' passion for design and years of remodeling experience come into play. Many people ask me on our first meeting "So, how much is this going to cost me"? The answer is an easy one. We can design the same space using different materials and the costs will go from one end of the spectrum to the other. My question is always " What's Your Budget" ? Perspective clients are always so intimidated by this question, thinking that "if I say my budget then that's what they will charge me". and that is NOT the case. We ask for your budget so that as we plan your design and establish a scope of work and we can guide you appropriately. Lets take a kitchen remodel for example; the client express the desire to move the sink from the back wall to a new 10' island, remove the walls creating an open floor, and relocate the gas range and add a double wall oven. These are all great ideas and then remodeling reality sets in. When we know your budget we can guide you through your wish list. Remodeling 101 - Anytime there are changes to water and gas lines, removing walls and adding electrical - those are going to be expensive. So we work with you and make alternative, key word here - cost effective solutions, to give you the best use of space and materials. Remember this is your remodel and we are working for you.

5. FROM A - Z. After your initial complimentary in-home design consultation, our design team member take all of you information and builds a design concept for you which is presented at an in showroom meeting. Viewing your remodel on a 3D color computer rendering and touching the materials selected from our extensive collection, finalizing floor plans and layouts and having an entire scope of work detailed to your project. The next step is start date scheduling and ordering all materials so that they are on the job and ready for the experienced and licensed remodeling team to start. We provide you with a link to your project schedule; from start date to substantial final completion and what we feel is so important - a daily overview, so you know whats happening that day and who will be in your home working. Your designer is also your project manager and with you every step; from morning coffee walk-thru meetings with the different trades, daily project updates, to the final reveal. And most importantly we are available to answer any questions or concerns that you have day, night and even on weekends; we understand the stress of remodeling and we strive to make it as seamless as possible.

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